What I Learned at Singularity University

This past week, I have had the most amazing time at a training session for Singularity University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands – getting one step closer to becoming SU Faculty! Singularity University (SU) is based in California and focuses on preparing global leaders and organizations for the future – with courses, training, and keynote talks discussing and exploring opportunities and implications of exponential technology. SU focuses on building and connecting a global ecosystem to solve the world’s most urgent problems.

I am super excited about this opportunity to share more about the work we are doing with AI and EI and what we can collectively work towards in our exponential future of learning. You can take a look at some of the work and projects here [www.meet-anna.com].

The entire course looked at engagement, exponential technology and how rapidly our world is changing in the face of technology. In addition to having met some incredible people working on hugely important topics like water, biotech, and exponential leadership, here are my three main take-aways from the training:


No matter what, slow down and take a breath. One of my main goals throughout the rest of this year and beyond is to start focusing more on what I can move and build while not behind my laptop. So much happens when we take a moment to connect with our breath and fill the space around us, rather than believing we can achieve all our dreams by sending emails and spending time online.

Stepping out, taking a moment to re-connect and working on things important to you in spaces that feel good is key.

Trust in energy:

Your system and being knows what’s right or wrong. If you take a moment to act from a space of clarity and consciousness, to relax back into the wisdom your body carries with it on a sensory and somatic level, you can work with space and time in new ways.

During the training, we had awesome, fun, tense and challenging moments. It’s especially during these moments that we have to take a step back to listen and absorb.

Share your ideas:

There’s always something so thrilling and exciting about putting your ideas out there and seeing how they land – some of us do this without a second thought and for others the process can take a bit longer.

During the course when I faced a massive learning curve – the team around me held the space and offered great advice. That’s exactly what you need when sharing new ideas – enable that space for those around you.

See more of my work here.

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