Dubai Expo 2020: A Platform for Storytelling

It’s definitely an exciting time to be working in Marketing & Communications in the Middle East, particularly since Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates) has won the bid for Expo 2020, a first for the MEA & SA (Middle East Africa & South Asia) region. Under the theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, Dubai is focusing on the links between people, societies and ideas – key aspects of communications and storytelling.

Historically, many of the little towns that made up Dubai served as trading posts between the Eastern and Western world, making it an interesting, unique and, at times, challenging location. Since the 20th century, Dubai positioned itself as an important trading post – with an exchange of goods between all corners of the world.

Living here now, I can say it still resembles much of that ‘trading’ spirit. A hub for expats, Dubai invites adventurous, creative and determined spirits, flocking to the city from every continent, fulfilling a variety of roles to grow and develop the emirate. After having witnessed a spectacular fireworks show on December 31st, it won’t come as a surprise if Dubai achieves its goal of hosting an incredible Expo in 2020…the clock starts now!

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